If You’re Not Doing Social Media Marketing For Your Business, You Are Losing Customers


Do you know where your customers are most of the times? If you knew you’d want to hang with them, share a bit of information and tell them about a new offering, wouldn’t you? Your customers spend a good chunk of their time on social media. It’s where they meet their friends, share stories and catch up with everything that happening around them.

Social media presents a great marketing opportunity. It presents a marketing opportunity that was not available a decade ago. With the prevalence of smartphones and portable connected devices, people have increased their presence on social media. According to studies, the average adult spends about an hour every day on social media.

So how can you take advantage of this? Imagine if you had the opportunity to really talk to your customers. Each day, you had an hour to talk to them at a time when they are most relaxed. You could share information, interact with each one of them individually, making your product more visible.

Wouldn’t you take such a chance if it was offered? Of course you would. Social media marketing helps you get potentially responsive leads. You already knew that seeing a message over and over makes you more willing to accept the message, right? That’s how advertising works. Ads repeat a message over and over so that when a times comes when you need a product to solve a problem, your mind automatically recalls the ad you, prompting you to buy the product.

It’s the same thing with social media marketing. When prospective clients see your brand over and over in their timeline, they are more likely to make the purchase when the time comes. Of course that doesn’t mean you spam their entire timeline with adverts of your offerings.

The modern customer has a great deal of control of what he or she wants to see, especially on social media. If you spam their timeline, they will take offence and most likely remove you from their circle. When that happens, you lose, a lot.

But when social media is done right, you make the customers your friend. A friend is more willing to spend money on your products than a stranger, right? And that is the beauty of social media marketing. Hanging out in your customer’s social circles makes you more visible, and more sociable. Customers default to your product when they have a problem it can solve. With social media marketing, you directly speak to your audience and turn them into leads.



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