You Will Destroy Your Blog With These SEO Mistakes


What is dangerous SEO tricks and why it matters?

SEO mistakes avoidWell, a greatly written weblog doesn’t mean something if anybody is aware of-of your existence. That’s the rationale why bloggers had been making an attempt to work out ways in which to urge to the highest of the program results, ever since the {first} days once search engines were first introduced. Being at the highest typically guarantees additional traffic to the weblog. this is often the essence of SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Today, there square measure heaps of tips simply out there on the way to improve your SEO.

However, during this article, instead of telling you what you must be doing, let’s take a candid examine what you must NOT be doing. Yes, there square measure unethical tricks that some bloggers use to do to extend their sites’ ranking. you must avoid them. Well, a minimum of you must, if you propose to remain around longer in cyberspace! Here square measure a number of them.

Keyword Stuffing

Search engines conduct searches supported keywords requested by users and conceive to match them with applicable sites. This LED to “keywords stuffing” by bloggers.

This technique wont to be an awfully in style technique a few years past. the concept is to urge as several keywords, albeit some being unrelated, stuffed into the post. different ways in which embrace camouflaging keywords within the same color because the sites’ background additionally as reducing the font size to terribly little.

This trick can eventually be caught by search engines’ bots and also the website aloof from the index.

What you must do: Don’t stuff, simply sprinkle your keywords and ensure they create sense.


Another sneaky trick some webmasters used was to indicate separate content to the search engines crawlers and to the site’s guests. it had been meant to extend the site’s ranking through the usage of targeted keywords and so misled search users to click on their link.

It would most likely add the start, however, do be warned that search engines square measure pretty good recently and can observe it sooner or later and ban the location.

What you must do: produce quality posts with well-researched data. Earn your visitors’ respect and don’t destroy your exertions by being impatient!

Link shopping for

Was in style and still is. several square measures still shopping for links from high traffic sites to boost their own sites’ ranking. There’s several discussion concerning whether or not this is often right or wrong however let’s leave that to a different post.

Instead, let’s examine what search engines would do if they detected this technique on your website. they’d not take it into thought once scheming the ranking. it’s been rumored that they need even prohibited sites due to this. although not all square measure being caught however it pays to not take the chance.

What you must do: place your cash into different more practical promoting methods.

Links Swapping

Right, this last one isn’t precisely deceiving. once I started Blogging several a few years past, it had been THE factor to try and do. I place your link on your website and you place mine on yours. I did realize it somewhat phony particularly once I didn’t quite fancy that weblog. however, it did add terms of SEO.

Today, this is often not, therefore, effective any longer in raising your page ranking. Search engines simply don’t take a lot of note of it in their search algorithms, and if done an excessive amount of they’ll de-index your page!

What you must do: you’ll be able to still link to different sites. But now, do link to those who square measure relevant to your topic or business and if you think that your readers would like them too eg a reliable supply of knowledge. If you’ll get another credible website to link yours while not you wanting to link them back, that’ll be completely great!

SEO recently square measure additional concerning making an additional informative and relevant surfriding expertise for your readers. therefore don’t play dirty.

As a robust Jedi Master once suggested: “This could be a dangerous time for you, once you are going to be tempted by the Dark Side…” OK, this might be a fault dramatic however you get what I mean. Avoid dangerous SEO practices and say no to black hats techniques. you’ll realize that the journey is slightly longer to urge to the highest (of search results) however you’ll undoubtedly end up staying at the top longer.





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