Long tail keywords and SEO – How long tail keywords to improve your chances to increase web traffic


Driving traffic to your website is probably the only goal of search engine optimization (SEO). Jason Clegg as stated in Article ConvertWithContent “What is the purpose of SEO” which does not necessarily have anything to do with the highest ratings.

In fact, my own research through various niches has shown that it is possible to have the highest click-through is very good for the search results are listed below in the index.

These are usually for content using long tail keyword phrases are described; in other words, a very special, very specific, and attractive to users and search engine spiders alike.

This article tries to explain why following the keyword research strategy focuses on these phrases can help your SEO efforts.

What is a long tail keyword phrase, anyway?

Imagine a graph, plotting the number of times a word appears in the search engine indexes the number of words in the keyword phrase (along the horizontal axis).

The curve represented shows a decrease of short and longer sentences for keywords that are most frequently used. The more words in a key phrase, then, fewer words seem integrity, in the index.

This is logical, and something that can be checked via Google: instead it begins with a word, and then do a search for it, and note the number of sites.

It is the competition for that word. Now, I worked in other words, and put the resulting phrase in quotes, and do a search again, and again considering the competition.

Continue doing this with the sentence again and again, and saw the resulting distribution. Herewith I:

“Model”: 3780000000
“Railway Model”: 375,000
“Model Train Magazine”: 27,000
“Facebook model railroad magazine”: 86
Now, these are real suggestions from Google (the so-called search-targeted), so they know they are phrases that people have used. The latter is a long-tail keyword phrase are correct.

How long tail keyword search works SEO Help?

There are three main ways in which the traffic to your site can be improved by using long tail keywords:

More likely to appear relevant to the search engines;
Higher click-through rate;
less open competition.
Let’s take these one at a time.

If the SEO guidelines apply on a page and build your content (structured as a title-Go-Body) around the long tail keyword phrases, it is possible to print relevant.

That does not mean you have to fill up every word in every inch, just for a split sentence in content and structure in the entire phrase will be naturally attractive to search engine spiders.

This means more likely to be returned in the search results, which increases the potential traffic.

This is where the second point comes into play: the content more relevant to human readers will also generate a greater response rate (click-through). Again, this has the potential to increase traffic.

As we have seen in the experiment, there are also less likely to direct competition, too, especially if you have a USP that people are looking for.

results were less in the index, and the most relevant results, meaning more traffic for those who are a serious investigation of long tail keywords.

For those who care about the search, the volume is predicted, this one last thought – with less competition and higher CTR, you can concentrate on phrases with less search volume, especially if you are operating on value and not on price alone.

To measure this, use the Planner early AdWords CPC Keyword, which will tell you where there is “money market”: The higher it is, the more advertisers money can be spent on PPC campaigns, and more potential for content based on keyword phrases to produce the profit.



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