Free Online Learning Courses: Your Guide To Quick Learning


If you go to any freelancing website, you’ll find thousands of SEO jobs posted daily. It seems like there is a massive gap between SEO skills and SEO jobs. In fact, the gap is so big that LinkedIn named SEO/SEM as the fifth hottest skill in 2014.

If you’re working out in the big city, there’s ton of competition in the field. Working in small towns means you get less work. So what is the solution? It’s simple, up your skill set and become a real contender for some of the best paying SEO jobs out there.

SEO Overview

SO where do you start, especially if you’re new to the field? The best place to start is by reading Google’s 32-page starter kit. Google’s SEO Starter guide provides comprehensive and will get you familiar with the ins and outs of SEO. After reading it, you’ll be competent enough to perform some of the basic SEO drills.

Improving Website Performance

Next up, you want to check out a MOOC, also build by Google, on analyzing and speeding up a website’s performance. Here, you’ll learn how to optimize any website to load faster. Users today get frustrated when a page takes an entire minute to load. They are more likely than not, to close that page and move on to another page. Furthermore, Google uses page speed as a ranking factor. The faster your pages load, the better the user experience, and the better your score at Google.

Improving User Experience

Next up, you should check out courses that deal with user experience. Here, you get an overview of UX, learning all the general principles, techniques and tools you can use to increase the user experience on websites. You also get to learn that a website’s design process should revolve around the user for the best results.

Learning about SEO Audits

Next, hit the Perennial SEO Audit course. It is short enough to leave the technical details out, but detailed enough to make sure at the end you can perform a thorough SEO check. The course covers the basis and even gives you a framework to refer to when doing audits.

Keyword Research

This is probably the most written about SEO topic out there. You’ll find a lot of materials on how to find the best keywords for a website, and how to target them. You learn about the tools and techniques used to conduct effective keyword research.

Page Optimization

The Google starter kit has a gentle introduction of on-[age optimization. There are a number of free tools you can use to assist you with the process. But you should check out Google’s Webmaster Tools Help section for more in-depth details.



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