Free Complete 2016 SEO Guide – Basic to Advanced Course

The course goes on to introduce you to the FOUR main pillars of modern SEO.

You’ll learn all about LSI and how themeing your content can give you a major advantage in the results pages. There are checklists and details on each of the elements of a web page, and how to optimize them for Google.

You’ll also learn about the best types of backlinks to pursue, and how to go about getting them. With backlinks causing so many problems for so many webmasters, you’ll also learn about the types of backlinks that Google are on the lookout for, and why they punish sites that employ them.

You’ll learn about site organization – why it is important and how to achieve a good site structure that benefits your SEO efforts and helps your visitors.

This course emphasizes Visitor experience for one very good reason. Google want to create an algorithm that cannot be manipulated by webmasters. What better measure for Google is the visitor’s experience? Get that right and half the battle is won.



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