Driving traffic to your video using SEO


When people talk about search engine optimization or SEO, the first thing that comes to mind is Google. This is quite understandable since most of the searches online – around 65% to be exact – have been conducted using the search engine giant.

The question is, what if you want to optimize your video is not it? So, you have a YouTube SEO. YouTube is not just social networking sites; but also has a search engine function. If you use video optimization tools available to search, you will be able to drive more traffic to your videos freely. The best part is, you can even have your videos classified in a Google search.

Here are tips on how to drive traffic to your videos via SEO:

Create a video with the right content. If you want the video to rank well on Google and YouTube, you should target your potential audience strategically. Viewers have to find your videos to be useful, informative and entertaining.

Specify the time that the video should be. YouTube account several factors when the most popular videos sorted. These include the views, likes, comments, shares of social media, and the amount of time spent by users watching a video. While other factors determined by the quality of its content, it will be of no use if it only took the audience for the right length. Based on research, the most popular videos directed by an average of about 4 minutes – long enough to give value to the audience and keep them an interested while.

Name your video with SEO in mind. Google and YouTube do not know what your video is actually about. You must provide textual clues that may be related to the keywords used by search engines. Make sure the video is called creative, and it should be something that is relevant to the content.

Utilizing tags. This tool is specifically for YouTube SEO. In summary, the label is a word or phrase that tells YouTube users What to expect from your videos. There are several types of labels that can be used: generic, specific, compound, refining and labels. For best results, it is recommended that the benefits of all of them taken.

Add a description of the corresponding video. description play an important role in convincing the viewer to see the video. Therefore, it should be tempting enough to force people who are looking for, click the video link. It can be interesting information contained in the video to whet your appetite seekers and make him want more.

Create playlists. A playlist is a group of related videos plays one after the other. You can create a set that consists of videos of their own, or may include other videos of people associated with you.

Backlnks make their videos. Have a good backlink is an indication that audiences trust the content you provide, and the search engines are appreciated and will reward you for it. Just make sure that the links are not spam.

These are just a few tips on how to drive traffic to your videos through SEO that can be applied.



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