5 Ways to Promote Your Blog Offline


Best Ideas to Promote Your Blog Offline

There are a number of websites online that are giving tips about promoting your blog to a wider range of people with diverse backgrounds. They will tell you how you can reach to different demographics and get more traffic every day. But most of these promotional tips are related to online and not offline.

Online methods like social media, backlinks, guest posting, SEO etc are very useful but they have got limitations. You have to look out other ways for promoting your blog. Hence in this article we give 10 simple ways to promote your blog offline.


I have personal experience with most of the ways I am sharing here. All these ways work depending on how you use these methods. If used properly, it will definitely help you to promote your blog offline.

1. Print Business Card and Take a Bundle wherever You Go

It’s one of the most important things for a blogger to print a business card with your name, your blog name or some tagline about your blog. This is the easiest way to promote your blog offline.

You don’t have to hire a designer for designing your business card because you can do yourself using a free online software. Otherwise, you can hire someone on Fiverr for just $5 to make it for you.

Then you have to pay for printing on a paper with a good quality. I will recommend you to print at least 10000 cards because you can save a good amount of money on bulk printing.

You can carry a bundle of these cards in your wallet wherever you go. When you meet people in restaurants, bar, office, gym etc you can give them the card and promote your blog.

However while designing your business card always incorporate a logo that reflects your blog.

2. Visiting Blogging Seminars, Workshops, Conferences and other Events

Meeting up new bloggers is also a great way to promote your blog offline. The best way to meet new bloggers is through seminars, conferences, workshops etc organized by a company.

At these places, you not only meet new bloggers but also get an opportunity to interact your readers.

You get to know new things about blogging that you did not know earlier. You also identify your main competitors in your niche. This is one of the most effective ways to promote your blog offline.

Build a network of bloggers that can help you with backlinks. So register yourself at Meetup.com, IndiBlogger etc.

3. Print Your Blog Name on T-Shirts, Car, Mugs etc

You can promote your blog by printing the name on T-Shirts and Mugs.

There are many websites online which are ready to take orders for custom made T-Shirts printed with your blog’s name.

You can print the name either in the front or at the back of the T-Shirt.

Recently I ordered two T-Shirts from Vista Print where I asked them to print the name of my blog MoneyConnexion.com with taglines like “Make Money, Save Money & Never Lose Your Money”.

According to my hunch, at least 1000 people saw my T-Shirt and 100 out of them asked me about my blog.

Similarly, you can have your bumper sticker on your car carrying your blog’s name on it. And that will help you to get more traffic.

4. Publishing Freelance Articles in Your Local Newspaper

You can write an article in your local newspaper describing your blog.

Although many people doubt the future of print media, however, it is going to stay here for the time being.

You can leverage that power and reach out to thousands of readers every day.

If your article is well written with a byline of your blog at the bottom then many of your readers would like to visit your blog online.

5. Giving a Ads in Local Newspaper

Giving ads in the local newspaper should be your last options. However, you should not ignore it. It may also prove as a good way to promote your blog offline.

Advertising in local newspapers attracts a lot of readers. You don’t have to advertise on the first page, you can post an ad on the classified page.

You just have to mention your blog with a link. However this is not free and you have to pay money for showing ads.



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