5 influencer marketing essentials for SEO success


Influencers provide great traction with their fan base and there’s a lot of valuable SEO for brands on offer, however this is often not realised.

This is mostly because a great deal of focus is spent on merely making the successful partnership work, which often drains all resources to achieve.

But if you are an optimist and you’re determined to glean some SEO results from all partnerships then here’s a few pointers to improve the search impact of any collaboration with an influencer.

1. Influencer links

There should always be a desire for audiences to leap from an influencers site to your brand’s website. This should be instilled within all of your influencer marketing activities e.g. seeing the whole of something – the full graph, the full interview, the full video e.t.c.

Without a ‘back to mine’ attitude you can’t obtain valuable links.

By doing this you immediately start to shape audience conversions from a partnership with an influencer. This is your unique opportunity to show off the memorable aspects of your service and offering, while attempting to convert users.

For instance, intriguing hyperlinks embedded within influencer social posts are a great way to stimulate audience traffic e.g. appealing urls such as: brand.com/zoella-uncut

2. Influencer guestposts

beyonce website

Celebrities not so much, but webstars such as YouTube bloggers are likely to have an authoritative blog and a website that may hold valuable linkages, much to the envy of your competitors.

Agreeing some sort of exclusive asset for their own platform is clever stuff from a competition perspective especially. This is because these links may be harder to obtain and more unique to you within your marketplace.

A good example of obtaining links on an influencers website might be offering a prize signup form that they host rather than you, or behind the scenes footage, of the full photoshoot made available only on their blog.

There’s a good chance that if you write the copy for the post then you should be able to insert a priority link to terms and conditions, photographer biography, a makeup tutorial or a direct link to the original content on you (the brand’s) site.

It is always easier to get a guestpost with links in it signed off if more than one company feature. Consider who you might favour to include, partnerships like this are reciprocal so working in partnership with other brands is powerful… you have to give a little to get a lot.

deliciously ella

3. Influencer link prospects

Take a good look at your web influencers link portfolio. Are any major publishers obsessed with this particular influencer? Is there any leverage from major publishers that you can investigate?

Use invitations as a chance to broker these opportunities. But always get this through an influencer’s management first, then broker a deal that may carry some serious link juice.


4. Influencer fan links

It’s not just the influencer that holds their influence, as daft as it sounds there is a lot of influence from fans and fan site coverage, and the momentum can be stifling too.

Targeting the influencers fan base can initially give them an exclusive conversation to air. If need be then setup some exclusive angles for them to distribute, for examples unseen photos, a short interview Q&A or even a video message.

Let the fan base have an (agreed) leaked story so that you may push more natural syndications for free e.g. when the Eddie the Eagle film came out recently, Take That fans were actually a great source of early promotion. This is because they did the backing music to the film.

5. Researching influencer SEO

Followerwonk, Facebook Search queries, Buzzsumo and Twitter search are very useful in the first instance for finding influencers. But these tools equally help to support the argument yay or nay as to whether an influencer is able to create the best traction on the best platforms for your audience.



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