3 Reasons You Should Be Using Google Webmaster Tools Right Now


Every online business owner should make Google Analytics their best friend. It’s a great way to check metrics, spot trends, and see what your audience is searching for. There are other tools you can use, but Google’s Webmaster tools is in a class of its own.

Two Advantages of Using Google’s Webmaster Tools

First, it is free. That price can’t be beat. Other tools provide almost similar metrics at a cost. IF you’re like most business people out there, you want to maximize your profits and minimize on your expenditure. Google gives you a lot of value for nothing.

Second. Google Webmaster tools are designed by the same guys who gave us the most popular, and biggest search engine in the world. That means the tools give you information about the browsing history of your audience, their preferences and other details you’ll find useful to propel your product sales.

Beyond that, Google Webmaster tools are a treasure trove of information. They give insight into how you can increase your reach, conversion rates, demographics of your customers and lots of other details you can use to fine-tune your sales funnel.

In a word, Google Webmaster tools are awesome.

As a webmaster, Google Webmaster tools tell you a story. They give you actionable instructions that allow you to better reach your audience and increase your conversion rates. In a nutshell, they tell you how to be a better salesman.

Since marketing and selling is not a guessing game, you don’t have to ask yourself if something is working or not. You want to be certain that a certain strategy is paying off. To do that, you need data. Google Webmaster tools give you the data to tell if your strategies are working. These numbers are all you need to know if your strategy is working or not. In particular, the following data will be most useful.

  1. Average Time on Page

It’s simple, if you have awesome content on your site, people read it. Reading takes time. Google Webmaster tools tell you the amount of time your audience spends on your web pages. In essence, it tells you if the readers are engaged with the content. If readers spend mere seconds on a page that has lots of content, then you know there’s something wrong with the content and you should change it.

  1. Page Views

Another metric that Google’s Webmaster tools give you is the average number of visitors your page gets. This is an important number because it lets you know which pages are getting the most hits. You should concentrate on this pages and try and convert visitors into customers.



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